Unofficial Gallery

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Halloween Show, Seattle 1979
Gee! That's the good old punk days, aye?! - Just look at the guy on the right hand side who's got an obviously severe drinking problem...
Juliette Greco Show, Paris 1980
The Schopenhauers play and sing golden oldies of the French chanson: Piaf, Brel and anything starting with "Le" or "La" and the Grande Finale together with Juliette Greco...
Industrial Plant Massacre, Sheffield 1979
It's grim up north! During our deep dive into new wave pop, we also took part of many festivals up and down the country.
In 1979 of course, we could also be seen on the famous "Industrial Plant Massacre" festival in North England.
Roxy, London 1980
The Unknown 4th Member of The Schopenhauers in their early days! - Bob was reknown for his spectacular glasses, his black latex dress and of course for his being unknown.
Darling Bird
Lolita Kaath as we have found her in 1982: beautiful, innocent, and blonde.
Today a lot of things have changed. Nevertheless, she's still beautiful, innocent, and blonde...
Rehearsal 1984
Friends have taken this photograph during a secret rehearsal session for our album "Ticky-tacky Silver Hammer" (which was released only in Polynesia by Polyphone Records).
Live Raid Festival (Inari/Finland) 1985, 1st day
Our engagement for wildlife matters and wild life manners made the stage appearance of The Schopenhauers at the Finish anual festival in favour of the Finish wildlife preserve at Itinnitäkkannaanääni (north of Finland) almost unavoidable.
Live Raid Festival (Inari/Finland) 1985, 2nd day
On the 2nd say The Schopenhauers re-appeared on stage and hit the scene with their uncomparable "Guns and Iron" Show part (later taken as soundtrack for Schopenegger's blockbuster movie "Onan, the barbarian Bavarian").
Jerusalem 1986
The Schopenhauers at one of their most controversial concerts ever!
Dressed like arabs they cheered up the crowds of 6.000 Rammi-Dummies with evergreens like "Israel" (Siouxsie and the banshees) and "Rock the Kasbah" (The Clash)...
Rotterdam 1987
Blimey! We had a laugh and made a jolly good show right in the heart of this rotten town! 
Actually, as you may know, "Rotter-dam" means nothing but "bloody old haven".
Here in Germany this kind of town is "Cux-haven"...
"Hacienda", Manchester 1989
Picture taken in front of the famous "Hacienda" Club in Manchester right before our double-gig with The Fall
"Taco-Rocco" vernissage, Sevilla 1991
The Schopenhauers go Art! As you can tell by our dress, this exhibition vernissage of the famous basque artist Jose la Posa (aka Taco-Rocco) was taking place on a bloody cold late-autumn night in downtown Sevilla.