The Schopenhauers Pages wouldn´t be complete without a sound section where you can listen to some tidbits of our musical program! Check it out! Listen in real-time and enjoy!

NOTE: You will need a REAL AUDIO Player for this. If you haven't got one already then you really should; the Web is full of Real Audio sites where you can listen to speech, music and live radio!

The Schopenhauers Billboard

  • French Politicians

  • We never thought it indecent or offensive but some people say it is...
  • A Man with Power

  • Mr. Schopenhauer definitely was such a man!
  • Jamaica

  • We're neither politicians nor musicians
  • So wird es sein!

  • GDR-Singeklub pop song
  • IdahOregoNebraskAlaskAlabama

  • Traveling the States
  • The River

  • "Let me pass and I won't come back"
  • Funky Trash

  • Do you like it?!
  • Santa Claus is coming to Town

  • X-mas comes each year
  • Give me back my teeth!

  • Oh what a terrible waste of time
  • Heaven, Earth and Everything

  • We'll tell you all about it...