A Pop Band's History

It was way back in 1978 when Rolf met Ralph (or was it actually the other way round?).
After jamming together for only 25 minutes, they both agreed to become mega popstars and so they did.

They hit the States 5 months later and their wacky style of pyro-punk-posh-and-plastic made the band (then called "THE CRASH") famous for the weirdest stage appearance on earth since Koris Barloff's "golden days" while playing Mr. Bonk in his most successful 1940s b-movie "The X-ray Eyes of Dr. Nice".

Well, actually everything went fine and the richness grew and grew - just until one bad day right after a 2nd gig at Wembley Stadion, their manager Hank took all the money and ran away to Brasil for his own comfort. Rolf's and Ralph's unisono comment simply was: "Shit."

Luckily, a completely new start could be made only 5 pints of lager later, when a nice bird came backstage and introduced herself as "Kaath".

All she said was: "I can sing". - And they both replied: "Well then you're in."

In a rush they were looking for a new name and came across a white poodle licking their toes. "Poodle" instantly initialized a happily floating mind-your-lingo stream of consciousness, and finally they came up with a name that's since then honourly established in the popworld's hall of fame: "The Schopenhauers".

Then came a long series of worldwide success and Poodle-mania.

The world turned upside down and all around and looking back over the years, The Schopenhauers' Story could taken as every popstar's dream come true.

John Feel, 1997