Believe it or not!!!
All compact disks are both compact and absolutely 100% disk-like!
The total price per CD is EURO 15,- plus shipping costs.

Shipping Costs:
Fix price depending on your mailing address:

  • Deutschland: EURO 3,-
  • Europe: EURO 5,-
  • Worldwide: EURO 10,-
  • To start up the whole mess, here is a small collection of our CDs available world-wide via online order or snail mail order:
  • Heaven, Earth and Everything

  • A wonderful compilation of The Schopenhauers' evergreens -
    both live and home studio tracks.
  • The Schopenhauers - American Edit

  • A good starter for the Schopenhauers newbie!
    Browse through more than 10 years of Arthurmania!
    Special edition for the Americas...
  • The Schopenhauers sing: Songs of Life and Death

  • Special compilation of dead songs from Seasons in the sun to Teen Angel to Ebony eyes...
  • The Schopenhauers sing: Singeklub

  • (Revolutionary songs from the GDR) -
    Groovy, rocky, zany, wacky, witty hippie stuff from the former German Democratic Republic's socialist youth organization FDJ. Very strange but impulsive... -
    English lyric translations included, of course!
  • The Schopenhauers sing: Live!

  • Tremendous cross-over of The Schopenhauers' live performances. -
    We used to perform in small and spooky clubs then...