The Real Story

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Japan Tour 1983
On our first world tour in 1983, in a small and untidy backstage room in Osaka.
The picture has been taken by Hashimi Yamamoto after a 2-hours gig in front of a crowd of 7.000 people.
Andy Warhol Lithography
One of Andy's most unknown works was a portrait of our female singer Kaath in 1985.
Signed originals of this very limited edition of 350 prints reach art market prices of about US$ 20.000.- these days...
Orphans Charity Ball, London 1987
Lady Di has a little chat with our singer Ra.
The Schopenhauers can always be seen on posh festive occasions as long as there are drinks for free... Although Sir Ra didn't seem that much amazed by the Princess' dress, we all think that she was a nice bird anyway.
Ulaan Bator, 1992
Our close and intimate relationship to Diana made it very hard for The Schopenhauers attract the Queen's merciful attention at all. Only with a trick and a little bit of folklore costumes we happily received the Royal Handshake in a rotten tent near Ulaan Bator while sitting on dusty ground smelling of dried camel shit and worn-out clothes... - Thank you, Queeny!
"Queen without a Crown"
Just to give you an example of our press life, here's a magazine cover of the STERN (1994) where our singer Kaath is called the "Queen without a Crown".
The title story goes on about how The Schopenhauers have become a mega band all over the world and on how a German band could ever achieve such a major success worldwide by not properly playing any instruments at all...
Of course we never told our "secret of success" to those sleazy press blokes...